The ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router:The Review

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For the past few years I pretty much have been rocking the same router that sat under my desk which was by the way the WRG54 Linksys wireless router,it served me well and I basically had no complaints about the device,being confined at the Tekspecz. headquarters where it isn't very spacious.I didn't feel the need to purchase a router that put a great emphasis on WiFI range. Though Linksys WRG54 served me well,it was time for me to upgrade to newer wireless router and introduce myself to much improved wireless technology and features. So I shopped around on Amazon's website and purchased the Asus RT-N66U Dual-Band wireless router aka "The Dark Knight". I've read many reviews online on this particular wireless router,some were rather negative,most was rather positive.
I've spent a better part of a week with the ASUS RT-N66U and got a full gauge of the devices features and performance,so I present you with the review,my take,my opinion. Let us begin shall we.
Specs and Features
The main specs and features on the ASUS RT N66U wireless router is pretty much what you'll see in many high end 802.11n routers, it features are a Aicloud service which is Asus version cloud based system that allows users to access storage attached router from the cloud,a Media server which enables users to stream music and video to client devices on the network, Parental Controls, Quality of Service which analyzes traffic moving through a network and distinguishes between lagged packets. Since this is a dual-band router it features a 802.11n wireless standard: up to 450Mbps , 802.11a/g up to 54Mbps and a 802.11b up to 11Mbps, three detachable antennas which increases WiFi range. It has what you'll typically see in every wireless router on the planet 4 -Ethernet ports,  it has 2 USB ports which makes it easy for you share your printer and storage drive on your network. Usually in most wireless routers there is only a reset button,but in the case of the ASUS RT N66U there is both a reset button and a on/off button that sits right next to the 2- USB ports.

The User Interface


Coming from a guy who's been stuck with the old linksys WRG54 for so many years the ASUS RT-N66U routers user interface is a bit refreshing,and what's surprising its easy to use and even more easy to navigate. There is two ways to access the routers user interface,you can upload the CD that came with the router onto your computer which to me is a complete waste of hard drive space because in the end,you're viewing the same damn interface, or you simply just type in the routers IP address into the web browser's address bar. The first thing that jumps right at me is how easy it is to navigate around the the routers user interface,even encrypting your routers password is a breeze especially when using the WPS2 encryption,with just a few clicks of the mouse and you'er router is ready for operation. Now to really get deep into the routers settings to mess around with VPN networking, port forwarding, port triggering, you have to be a bit of a networking guru to play around with these features. All in all, the whole layout within the user interface is well organize and very eye catching I must say.


The Setup


Setting up the ASUS RT-N66U like most routers is fairly easy,believe it or not,it took longer for me to connect all the cables to the router than it did setting up the router through its user interface,it took just 30 mins total to be exact. You can practically setup the ASUS RT-N66U right out of the box thanks in part to its easy to use interface. Now most people who have purchased this router have had issues right out of the box forcing many to instantly do a firmware upgrade to improve its performance,I had no such issue,but I installed the new firmware anyway. My advice to many,before you even think about connecting devices to this router,connect your main computer so you can access the Internet and upgrade the firmware.

The Performance


The  ASUS RT N66U router has been sitting right under my desk for a week now,and so far I haven't experienced any issues whatsoever,no interrupted WiFi signal,nor do I have slowed down data packets when using Ethernet connection. I currently have 6 devices connected to this router using WiFi, and even under the 2.4GHz band wireless-n,the signal is still very strong. In fact, while being on the rooftop of the headquarters with my MacBook Air,I was able to still have strong connection to my wireless router. Inside the office, I pulled 17.49 mps download speed/5.28 upload speed, on the rooftop,the signal was still pretty decent at 13.94 Mbps Download speed/ 5.28 Mbps Upload speed. So in essence,the ASUS RT N66U has very decent signal range which can extend beyond 25 feet and beyond.There are reports around the web that the router itself has poor range,but in actuality, routers are more effective within a 25 feet radius.The biggest drawback for me is this router has a tendency to get very hot which is a first for me,I've never had a router that get's toasty. All in all,the ASUS RT N66U has pretty decent performance,at least for me it did. To really get peak performance from this router,you would more than likely have to set your router to the 5GHz wireless-n band.



Despite all of the mix reviews I've seen on the Internet about the ASUS RT-N66U wireless router,for me I would have to say this router is a definite buy. It pretty much does everything I can ask for in a wireless router and for me is the best router I have purchased to date. It has great range,its pretty fast in terms of data throughput and has a great user interface that's pretty straightforward and easy to use, more importantly,its stable. The only quirks I have with this particular wireless router it has major overheating issues,it's hot to touch,not searing hot,but hot enough to to keep dinner rolls warm,which to me is a major concern. Also,though its a dual-band router,the 5GHz band is pretty fast yes,but there aren't a lot of devices around  that is compatible with the 5GHz wireless band, so you pretty much have to settle for the 2.4GHz band which in itself is not a bad thing especially with this particular wireless router. All in all,it seems there isn't the "perfect router" out there on the market,even the more expensive routers seem to have its faults and issues,but the ASUS-RT-N66U wireless router fits my need and I'm sure it will fit your needs also.

Quick Note: This router retails for $148.99 on Amazon::