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So There Is A Smartwatch: The Samsung Galaxy Gear

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Samsung revealed its Galaxy Note 3 today,OK,then they revealed the Galaxy 10.1 inch, yeah OK.  Both impressive looking devices,but the world wanted to see if this smartwatch really exist,or if Samsung was going even reveal a smartwatch. The answer yes, there is definitely a  smartwatch by Samsung, and it is real folks. Samsung stuck to past rumors of a smartwatch today and revealed to the entire planet the new Samsung Galaxy Gear and I have to say surprisingly its a pretty impressive looking device.

If you think you can make actual make phone calls from the Galaxy Gear,you're out of luck,you have to pair up your smartwatch via Bluetooth to a Samsung device,be it the newly minted Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Now in order to pair up the watch with these devices,you have to have software of course which will roll out in October, but enough with that,what about the smartwatch itself.  The specs goes as follows,  the Gear has a 1.63-inch AMOLED display with a 320 x 320 resolution, a 1.9-megapixel with a integrated speaker and microphone that's placed on the watches ban which can shoot 720p video and conduct calls.The hardware under the hood of the Galaxy Gear is also pretty impressive as it has a single-core 800MHz Exynos processor,4GB  of onboard memory ( the Galaxy Gear will also come in a 6GB and 8GB variants), a 315mAh battery. Where the Galaxy Gear really impresses me is its design, as it has a sleek all aluminum cast face and buckle with your choice in six different colors. Each color on the Galaxy Gear represents a lifestyle on the device: the Wild Orange which targets the athletic types, the Rose Gold targets the female audience.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is rich in features with an abundance of onboard apps which includes a pedometer which has the ability to find a  Galaxy Gear via a Galaxy smartphone, Samsung states there are already 70 apps ready for the Gear which can be uploaded via the Galaxy Gear Manager app on your smartphone. The Galaxy Gear will include some popular apps like Pocket, Path, Evernote, RunKeeper, and Runtastic Pro. What's a Smartwatch without voice command, the Galaxy Gear will have the Samsung Voice which is accessible via the Gear.

I just cant wait to see tech websites do there performance reviews on the device,reason being the smartwatch itself has a very suspect battery which is very small,how will the watch hold up with Bluetooth  connected paired devices, Samsung states that the Gear can hold its charge for an entire day

Now about that price,Samsung wants to hit you up for $299 for the Galaxy Gear which to me is rather expensive. This begs the question that needs to be answered,who is Samsung targeting with this smartwatch,hardcore geeks? The casual tech user? These are questions that will eventually be answered when the Galaxy Gear is set to hit the market sometime in early October.

Would you consider buying the Galaxy Gear smartwatch? Leave your comments in the box below, Apple,your move.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8MOSti8Gp0&w=640&h=480] Quick Correction: The smartwatches band is not made of encased in metal,its plastic.

Source Image and Video::: Engadget::::::


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