The In Win Tou Chassis Revealed

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First of let me clarify this before we move on, In Win does not mean the phrase In it for the win,you got that? Good. For those who aren't familiar with what is or who is In Win, they are a Chinese based company that manufactures ATX computer cases,power supply's,cooling fans and there are also now in the business of making iPad accessories. But let us focus on their computer chassis which by that are some cool ass cases,in particularly the Tou computer case.

Lets talk about the uniqueness of the Tou,which is constructed of  sand aluminum frame and is surrounded by a tempered glass with a beautiful mirror finish. Also added to the stylish uniqueness of the case is when users power down the internal LEDs, the case panels behave like mirrors,yes you can actually view yourself combing your hair. When the LED lights are turned on,you can view the PC's internal parts in operation through the cases glass panel.


The full tower case has a rectangular build and angular edges,on the top portion of the case its completely covered with a large mesh vent. The  front panel of the case is surrounded by two skinny vents which allows the 120mm intake fan to draw in cool air. The top portion of the case supports 360mm water cooling radiators or three 120mm fans. The front panel IO includes your basic two USB 3.0 ports and two audio jacks. Here's where the computer case shows its innovation as it has a  "Touch" control power on/off button, a two speed fan controller and Four-Level lighting.

What about the inside of the case,the Tou case supports a full ATX motherboard, ATX power supplies, three 3.5-inch hard drives, two SSDs and even supports GPUs 14 inches in length. From my observation of all the photos I've viewed of the Tau,the case interior looks very spacious,you can probably cram a lot of hardware into this case and still have lots of room to play with.


Now a case with this type of esentric design and features you'll want to know the price,try $800 and you can order this case from In Win website which by the way is a nice looking site. Anyway,tell me what you think,would pay $800 for this case for your next computer build? Leave your comments in the box.