Goolge Chromecast Is Great But........

File-It-Under: Screen casting devices By: D.F.Skin  



Yesterday I finally received my Google Chromecast after waiting a month and a half for the device due in part to the Chromecast being sold out in its first week of release. So I waited and waited and finally it arrived via US Postal service yesterday. The device is very easy to setup,in fact,it took a total of 15 mins. It does everything it suppose to do, you can screen capture from you computer,tablet or smartphone. In my case I used the iPhone 5, Macbook Air and iPad. The picture resolution with Chromecast  is pretty decent as it works flawlessly with your WiFi network,but and there is a big but to the Chromecast.


Its the sound that's an issue with the Google Chromecast. You will only get sound through the TV's speakers, you can connect the device to your surround sound system and to me the device is somewhat useless if I can't connect it to my home theater receiver. In order for any device to have access to 52-inch TV,I need to hear the boom from my home theater system.


There are a total of 3 apps available for the Chromecast,with more apps to come.That is the key to this device having some sort of staying power,the apps,currently you have YouTube,Netflix and Google Play.If you can get more developers on board the Chromecast and create some useful apps,the sky is the limit . The device itself is only $35,so I'm not taking big hit to the pockets which is the beauty of it all. This is a pretty decent little device which has major potential,it would be interesting to see how well the Chromecast will do in the next year or so. A major flop or potential success,the Google Chromecast is a buy.