The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, What you Need to Know

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Guess what day it is,no,not hump day,but Apple Event Tuesday as Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c. Both these devices pretty much stuck to all the rumors in terms and features and design so there were no eye opening surprise moment that came from Apple something to which they are known for.Without boring you with the all the dramatics,let get down to business,here's what you need to know about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C


The iPhone 5S


The iPhone 5S pretty much  stuck to rumors when it comes to features( if you were expecting a large screen sadly you won't get it),yet there isn't any knockout blown away design that sets the smartphone apart from the rest of the smartphones on the market,in particularly Android smartphones. Think of the iPhone 5S as a smartphone with improved,upgraded hardware to improve the overall speed of the device, with a dual-LED flash and are you ready for this, an added new finger print scanner that's place on the home button which was a hot rumored feature that that ran rapid on the web prior to today's Apple Event. Apple states that it wants its users to easily secure their smartphones without relying the  passcode. In detail,the new finger print reader is built right into the home button which has taken a whole new redesign. It now features a laser cut sapphire crystal with a capacitive touch sensor. All your fingerprint information will be encrypted and stored in a Secure Enclave within the A7 chip,not iCloud. Speaking of which,let's take a closer look at the heardware

The speed of the iPhone is probably the biggest change to the device is the speed, as it has the new A7 processor. Here's an industry first from Apple , A7 processor is now a 64-bit chip,making it the very first smartphone on the market to rock a 64-bit architecture. Apple states that this should make your iPhone 5S  2 times faster than the current iPhone 5, In essence this should make for a more smoother and faster user experience. Also added is a new  Motion Coprocessor,or better known as the M7 chip which is design to work alongside the A7 processor,capturing motion data from both the smartphones compass,accelometer, and gyroscope to power the new generation of heath and fitness apps.

The other big upgrades to the iPhone 5S is its camera,the rear-facing iSight camera get's a bump up in pixels to 8-megapixels with a much larger f/2.2 aperture and a new,larger sensor with 1.5 pixels,this will improve sensitivity and low light performance.

The overall design of the iPhone 5S is pretty much the same,but the color schemes has changed and you know get a third choice in the color pickings,a first from Apple.There is Space Gray, Silver and Gold. In terms of pricing everything is pretty much standard from Apple $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB), $399 (64GB) with the usual two-year service contract.


Then there's the iPhone 5C


The iPhone 5C is basically a iPhone 5 with a new radical design which is made out of polycarbonate plastic and is available in color,lots of colors. It still features the same 4-inch display and A6 processor, it has a 8MP iSight camera, an improved Face Time  HD camera. Users need not worry about the all plastic design as it is constructed in a steel reinforced frame which Apple states will keep the smartphone nice and sturdy, the plastic portion of the iPhone 5C also serves as a multiband antenna. I can see a lot of current iPhone 4S users gravitate towards the new iPhone 5C because if its radical color scheme and design.

The iPhone 5C will come in blue, green, pink, yellow, and white,the pricing will go as follow $99 (16GB), $199(32GB), and $199(32GB). Purchasers of the iPhone 5C can order iPhone 5C cases in blue, green, pink, yellow, black, and white.

Pre-orders of the IPhone 5C will begin on September 13th, while the iPhone 5S pre-oreders will begin on September 20th.

Quick note: Those wondering when will iOS 7 be released,it will be Sept 18.