Corsair Releases The Silent RM Series Power Suipplies

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Corsair RM1000

Fully modulated powers supplies are not only easy to use when it comes down to cable management,but these types of power supplies are vastly becoming more intelligent and silent during operation. In particularly the new Corsair Silent RM Series power supplies. Corsair have released to the consumer public a series of full modular RM power supplies that are in the 80 PLUS Gold certified and range from 450W to 1000W. These power supplies are reported to have low noise capacitors and transistors,right along with a 135mm fan that only operates  when the power supply is under intense heavy load,this form of technology is what Corsair is calling the ZeroRPM Fan Mode which is perfect for computer systems that operates graphically intense PC games. the RM Series power supply also supports monitor system functionality. This a first for me but this power supply also includes software, the Corsair Link software to be exact,this allows users to monitor the PSU (Power Supply Unit) fan speed and power delivery.

The Silent RM series power supply even have unique names called the Corsair Digital Bridge Cable, that runs from the power supply to the system board,then there's the Corsair Link Hub which enables monitoring features. The cables itself comes bundled with the high-end RM-1000 (1000 WATTS) unit, with the other RM series power supplies you'll have to pay an additional charge.

Corsair RM1000 Cables

The power supply lineup includes the RM450 (450 watts) , RM550 (550 watts) , RM650 (650 watts) , RM750 (750 watts) , RM850 (850 watts) RM1000 (1000 watts). The prices goes as follows: RM450 $99.99, RM550 $109.99 , RM650 $119.99, RM750 $129.99 , RM850 $159.99 RM1000 $199.99. The new RM series power supplies are expected to hit retail at the October.



Credit Source: Corsair