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Canon New Low Light Sensor,Projects Images In The Dead Of Night

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Last March Canon announced that they have developed a new high-sensitivity CMOS sensor design,this new sensor has the ability to display clear images in pitch darkness. Now Canon is showing off this new technology by showing  incredible film footage of fireflies shot in complete darkness. The 35mm full-frame sensor captures video at 1920 s 1080 , in full HD imagery. The camera is design to capture images in a low noise performance in a very challenging environment. The images of the fireflies was shot on the ishigaki island in Japan


If you take a look at the images not only can you see the fireflies,but you can actually see the color of the trees and leaves,even make out the brown color on the ground. This of course has completely blown me away,Canon states that the light level was measured at just 0.01 lux ( luminous flux) . Canon says that they are making plans on using low-noise sensor in different fields such as medicine and video surveillance equipment. You want proof that this camera actually exist or even works,take a look at the video footage on the bottom of this entry.


Credit Source: The Verge and Canon:::

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