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Some Of The Features I Like In iOS 7

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After playing around with iOS 7 for the past two days,I said to myself,its about damn time Apple listen to masses and institute some of these long awaited features that's within iOS 7. Though a lot of these features we all seen before in Android,webOS and Cydia jailbreak,it good to see that someone at Apple gives a damn about their loyal iPhone users. One thing's for sure,the new iOS 7 has made me pay close attention to my iPhone more than ever,just blown away by some of the features.I mean lets face it,iOS 6 was bit of a let down,with that said,here's some of my favorite features in iOS 7 that for me was a eye opener.

Design and Interfaceios7_04

In terms of overall structure of iOS 7,everything is quite familiar to past and current iPhone users. You still swipe apps up and down,right to left or vice versa so the gestures are still the same,no big changes here.But the big changes to iOS 7 is its appearance and design as the whole interface has a nice sharp transparent look. The icons itself no longer takes on a 3D button like appearance,instead it's more opaque flat design. The one thing that jumps out at me to the visuals is the background, iOS 7's wallpaper is very sharp,almost high definition like. Even though can now implement moving background HD images that's defaulted by Apple, when instituting your own images,it's still has a nice sharp HD look,its almost as if the images itself are actually moving.

Let's focus on the color scheme within iOS 7  as each application icon takes on a Tint like appearance which to eyes gives the illusion that the icons are somewhat fading out,which for me is very easy on the eyes. Even when you raise the brightness level up,the icons still has a nice soft tinted look.

Notification Center gets new curtains


Gone is the days we had to forcefully look at the heavy leather skin style notification center that looked like you were viewing a 1970's wood paneling walls. You now have a new and improved design that takes on a transparent like shaded glass. We have seen this style of design before in the Cydia jailbreak so this design is certainly nothing  revolutionary,but it is a welcome site for sure. The one drawback in using  notification in iOS 7 is it has a tendency to be a tax on battery life,but that is to be expected with this type of design. If you're on the old iPhone 4,you're are out of luck,you won't get the Aero glass transparent look with Notification Center.

There is actually true multitasking


Multitasking was first introduce to iPhone owners in iOS 4,but that was very limited with only certain type of apps being able to run in the background,that  left me wondering to myself is this true multitasking. Fast forward to iOS 6 still in my eyes this wasn't multitasking,especially with the much improved hardware. With iOS 7,you finally in my opinion have real true multitasking, Apple has took the straps off of iOS 7 for multitasking and have added a whole new user interface for switching apps in a flip card motion. This of course is nothing we haven't seen before as this features origin began with WebOS, the true pioneers of multitasking on a smartphone. You can rapidly scroll over either icons or you can simply go back and view recently opened apps. Another neat thing about this feature you can force-close your apps simply by flicking the app up and off the screen.

Control Center is actually useful


Yes there was evidence of Control Center in both iOS 5 and iOS 6,but trust me when I tell you,it served no purpose nor did I rarely use it. In fact once again I had to resort to the jailbreak Cydia app the get a better use their version of Control Center. With iOS 7 we finally get full usage of control center that includes a toggle button for your camera,on and off flashlight,even access your contacts only Air Drop and WiFi hotspots and have full access to your media ( Music and Videos). Just wish users had the ability to customize Control Center,add more features like access web browsing or the ability to power the device off.

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