Ut Oh,GTA V Xbox 360 ,We Have A Problem

File-It-Under: Gaming malfunction By: D.F.Skin original

As always I love browsing around the Internet when I'm not writing blogs or fixing computers,even love viewing all the tech related YouTube channels. To my amazement  I stumbled upon an very known issues that seems to have gone under the radar yet it has many gamers going bonkers all over the world wide web. That issues I'm alluding to is the GTA V glitch, the game that has raked in $1 billion in sales in just 3 days has a very serious issues. It seems when you load both the installation disc and play disc,many Xbox 360 GTA V gamers are having major video glitches,in particularly frame rate issues,even worse some are experiencing game crashes .

Now here's where it get's rather confusing,many are offering all types of remedy for this problem,many suggest that you just simply play the game from your play disc,then there are those who is suggesting that you install the disc and not use the play disc. Then there's the 1.Delete all of the GTA V data 2: Clear the games cache 3: Delete marketplace from the storage system items 4: Unplug the console for three minutes. 5. Install disc 1 5: Install disc 1 6: Power off,do not insert disc 2. 7: Restart 8. Install disc 2 finally 9: Play. Now I'm totally exhausted just typing all of those steps just to play a goddamn game. How about this for a remedy,can we get a software patch from RockStar entertainment? For which they have yet to even mention any type of software patch to come in the near future. Stay tune readers.

On a quick note,I just started playing this game this past weekend,so I have yet to experience any system crashes or video glitches.If I do you readers will be the first to know.