AMD Reveals A Bevy Of GPU's: The Radeon R5, R7, R9 With An Added Suprise

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At the press event that took place yesterday,AMD announced a full group of brand new GPU's that's based on the new evolved version of "Graphic Cores Next" architecture. Call this the group of R's graphic cards which consist of the Radeon R5, R7, and R9 graphic cards. That's right people,we have a slew of graphic cards that's about to hit the market coming out of  AMD that  directly targets the mainstream users,performance users and high-end gamers.
Before we begin disclosing the new lineup of cards,lets talk about GCN 2.0 in detail, AMD is calling this next generation technology the power efficient GPU, it has many power efficiency enhancement features. For an example, the new R9 290X is more power efficient yet its pretty much a larger version of the same GPU that debut in 2011.Clearly AMD is focusing its efforts in providing a graphic card that's not trying to break bench mark records,but trying to have it work efficient without the immense power overload. The neat thing is this very same GPU is being used in the next upcoming generation of gaming consoles, which is of course the Xbox One and PS4. Let's take a in dept look at the lineup of graphic cards from AMD shall we.
The R7 2500 is the low end card of the bunch with a 1GB of GDDR5, it is about two-third of what the NVIDIA GeForce 650 Ti can deliver. The R7 250 is expected to retail less than $89, which is a pretty decent price point considering that the card can play some the best games out in the market at 1080p.
Then there is the R7 260X is the next level graphic card that has double the RAM at 2GB GDDR5 which is on par with the Radeon HD 6970, the R7 260 is expected to retail at $139.
Now we move over to the R9 series of graphic cards The R9 270X is the low end card of the bunch with high end parts, with a 2GB of GDDR5 it score a 3DMark of *5550 and is on par with the GeForce 670. The R9 270X will retail for around $199.
The R9 280X will have 3GB of GDDR5 memory,and will also get a boost in frame buffer.The expected retail price will be $299. The graphic card is said to be on par with the 7970 GHz edition.
Now for the top end R9 290X for some strange reason AMD or other websites haven't disclosed any specific numbers,it is said though that this GPU is expected to cross over to the TeraFLOP performance. This graphic card is in comparison to the famed GeForce Titan which has an amazing 4.5 TeraFLOPs in performance.
Now about that surprise that I mention on the tile of this entry,AMD will bundle the R9 290X with Battlefield 4 with pre-orders beginning on October 3rd.
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