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Explanation Needed: What Is Steam OS

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Isn't nice to see other tech news dominate the Internet that's not about Apple,this past week the tech news that dominated the headlines was SteamOS,what exactly is SteamOS? Welcome to the new (Its been awhile) installment of "Explanation Needed.

So What is this SteamOS

SteamOS is based on the Linux platform that is open source and highly customizable created by Valve which the same company that makes Steam gaming service. This new operating system  will enable users to play and share games and also stream music, TV content, and movies. Think of this as Hulu,Netflix and Apple TV all rolled into one with the ability to play some of the most famous titles in gaming.


So why the big deal? 

As you know or don't know by now ,Steam announced earlier this year that it wants to build a gaming console that will give strong competition to the Xbox and Playstation,Valve has famously stated that its wants to bring the PC gaming experience to the living room. The Steam gaming console  will have the  ability to play games without the use of a installation disc, this will most certainly eliminate the middleman,which of course is the disc. This past week Valve which you know already announced its operating system, but then a few days later after its revealment  the SteamOS, they announced and revealed the Steam controller to its gaming console. So the question that you might be asking  is why is this all a  big deal? Imagine being able to download games from the web and play it on a gaming console and more importantly you can share downloaded content with your friends and family members provided that they also have Steam account or a Steam console. You can also stream your downloaded games to your PC or Mac.

So to put everything into a simple formula, what we have here readers is a SteamOS+Gaming console +controller + The Web -minus  the gaming disc. On a quick note,Valve currently has 2,00 games under title for Steam.






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