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GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) : The Quick Review

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I be the first to admit,though I have aquired Grand Theft Auto games in the past,I never really finished the games because after awhile I would generally lose interest. Yes the past GTA games have generated an enormous amount of fanfare,but the game just didn't really do for the one and only,me. But GTA V is different, it has for the most part peaked my interest and mind you readers I have yet to finish the game,but I had to get this off my chest and tell you my opinion on GTA V.

So what sets this game apart from past GTA games,besides the obvious the incredible graphics, it has a brilliantly written storyline that brings the games on par with a action packed movie. Hell, this not only a game I'm playing here,I feel like I'm living movie role. If I wanted to compare GTA V  to a particular movie or movies, I would say its a combination of Heat,Oceans 11, with a dash of Boyz n the Hood.


Part of the problem  with past GTA games is it leaves you wondering about in the city, driving around for hours exploring the life like city which in turn had a tendency to pull you away from the games mission at hand,probably due the games subpar storyline. In GTA V, you have no time to drive around and explore San Andres because you're left wanting to complete the mission and eager to get right to the next mission,that's how exciting the storyline is.

The only drawback which to me a big drawback ,the game itself requires about 8GB of hard drive space,that is a awful lot of content that needs to be loaded from a video game,it actually took 30 mins in total the load the game into your gaming consoles hard drive. I mean it doesn't take that long load an entire Windows 8 operating system onto a computer. Now news was running rampant all last week that there is a software glitch with the Xbox 360 version of GTA V, users were experiencing framerate issues and system crashes, I myself since playing the game for a full week has not experience any such glitches, so I'm keeping my fingers cross.


Probably absolute best feature in GTA V is the ability to instantly switch characters simply by hitting the D-Pad on the controller,innovation at its finest right there. And I must again mention that graphics in this game is superb almost life like.When you look at San Andreas,it kind of reminds of the city of Los Angeles. While driving around you never see the same building or landmark twice which is a true testament to the games developers.

All in all,GTA V is by far the best game I've played in 2013 ( That is until Arkham Origin comes out next month), I must warn you,just like other GTA games, this game is extremely violent and there's an abundance of vulgar languages and brief nudity, so if you plan on getting this game for your kid that's under age of 18,please be advised.

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