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The Steelseries 6G Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:The Quick Review

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I haven't used a mechanical keyboard in over 5 years,the last one being an old Logitech mechanical keyboard. For the most part I've been rocking wireless keyboards over the years,partly because of its portability and factor in the fact that you have less wires to contend with.

Mechanical keyboards have come a long way over the years due in part that most if not many are in a form of high end gaming peripheral. If you're into PC gaming and have a nice high end heavily specked out gaming computer, then you're likely to get a nice mechanical gaming keyboard to match. Mechanical gaming keyboards are well known for its accuracy and precision when playing games,something not seen in wireless keyboards, or low end conventional models.
For me,I purchased the SteelSeries 6Gv2 mechanical gaming keyboard that I've had in my possession for almost a good month and I got say its everything that many mechanical keyboard users have boast about and then some.Its fast,accurate and very precision driven. Oh yeah, and did I say it's very accurate? I did to point it needs to be mentioned it again. The keys are ultra responsive without any of the lag and delays you'll find in most conventional keyboards. It certainly trumps most wireless versions I've purchased in the past, and I've dealt with some top notches WiFi keyboards.
As far as the features goes,the Steel Series 6Gv2 is a mid range model, but nevertheless it still have some excellent features, starting with a mechanical cherry red switches with no click, and linear switches. The 6Gv2 keyboard uses a pro-style grade CherryRed switches which enables ease of performance. It is also the toughest and has the highest quality key switches that's available on the market.
Unlike most keyboards that have rubber domes under its keys, the 6Gv2 has a life cycle of 50 million key presses which is 10 times that of any conventional keyboard. Conventional keyboards with rubberized domes have a tendency to wear out throughout time thus forces users to press harder and harder on the registered keys.
Another benefiting feature on the 6Gv2 keyboard it has travel distance ability, meaning you don't have to press the keys all the way down for registration of a character or letter. The mechanical switches register fast keystrokes, the travel distance is 50% shorter than most conventional keyboards.

The keyboard retails for $81.17 on Amazon's website,now mind you this is not the top tier SteelSeries keyboard like that of the SteelSeries Apex model,but for me,the user it works well, this isprobably the best keyboard I've ever purchased,so I surely recommend this keyboard not just for avid gamers,but for any PC owner looking for speed, accuracy and more importantly durability.


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