Nest Reveals The Nest Protect Smoke Detector That Has A Brain And A Voice

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What Nest has done was take an everyday device such as the thermostat and not only improved the design and features,but made the thermostat intelligent. The Nest Thermostat has generated much fanfare and has garnished positive reviews,but it doesn't stop with the thermostat. Now the former Apple employees who are famous for developing the iPod wants to improve your smoke detectors,that's where the new Nest Protect smoke detector comes in.  Just like the Nest Thermostat,the Nest Protect aims to reinvent the household appliance by infusing simplistic yet sleek features, at the same time balance the device off with intelligence and efficiency. With the Nest Thermostat,it learns household habits of the current dwellers and automates temperature adjustment. For the new Protect it wants to talk to you.

When the Nest Protect sense a single scent of smoke, it will right away set off its klaxon. A calm female voice will tell you this : "I detect smoke in the kitchen. "Your steak is really sizzling" Smoke alarms today for the most part just like the old honeywell thermostats have technology that dates back to the 70's, and are a bit overbearing with the loud obnoxious beeping. Though the Nest Protect concurs with the government-mandated level of smoke,it at the same time  is a smoke detector with an intelligent rational brain within the device.

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The key component inside the Nest Protect smoke detector is sensors that can differentiate between smoke and steam. It has a integrated carbon-monoxide detector so there is no need for a separate detector which by the way is something you see in most households. Then there's is a sensor suite that provides detection for smoke, steam, temperature and actual human movement and a ambient light that's placed in the center of the smoke detector. Speaking of which,the ambient lights go off, a ring around the Protect in a brief moment glows green. When the device detects any type of body movement, an illuminated white glow will appear. A yellow glow signifies the Protect needs to be replaced with new batteries, this is something that is not present in the old archaic smoke alarms.


The Nest Protect is different from your traditional smoke alarms in that it has a rectangular unibody, it has speaker like grill  faceplate that is styled in a form of a sunflower. The main mission with the Nest is have homeowners not loathe their smoke alarms,but appreciate them without the need to either throw things at the alarm or worst, unplug it ( I'm certainly guilty of this).

Just like the Nest Thermostat, the Protection can be communicated via WiFi with other devices, the carbon monoxide detector on the device can tell your furnace shut down, or the detector in give users a warning in other rooms in the house like the kitchen that it detects smoke in the bedroom. Just like the Thermostat, the Protector can collect endless amount of data, using algorithms to learn your habits and routines,which in turn increases the device intelligence. Like most innovative devices that makes its introduction there comes a price,a $130 price.This is $100 dollars more than the current small white devices you have in your home now. But hey,many willingly paid $249 for the Nest Thermostat and it scored well with many consumers.