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Explanation Needed: Cloud Base Storage,What Is It?

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For the most part many of the computer illiterate might think of Cloud base technology as actual computers that's in the clouds,no kidding there are those who think this. Welcome to a all new installment of Explanation Needed: Cloud Base Storage,What is it?

If you ever heard of the cloud being discuss around the tech inner circles,you probably wondering to yourself,what the fuck is this cloud that's being talked about in the media, websites,or in newspaper articles. Cloud storage is in a nutshell is a model of networked storage or a server's,that's all it is,but lets get in depth shall we. This is where data is stored in a virtualized pool of storage drives which in turn is hosted by third parties like DropBox, iCloud, and Google Drive,to name a few. What these hosting companies do is operate very large data centers for users like me and you to acquire storage capacity either buying it or leasing storage space,in some instances you are offered free storage at 2GB,some services may offer 5GB of free storage to start.


Physical data may span across multiple services and multiple locations. The files safety depends on the company that hosts these files that's stored, and the application that leverages out the cloud storage. Your cloud service maybe access via a web service application or by application that utilizes the API (Application Programmable Interface).


From a historical point,Cloud computing has been around since the 1960's and was believe to be invented by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider. Cloud base computing has really emerged every since the Internet has gain popularity in the 90's. If you think about,even before the term "The Cloud" became popular,we have always stored personal data on servers,for an example,your emails.

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