The Latest Nexus 5 Leakage: We Have A Video Sighting

File-It-Under: Product leaks By: D.F.Skin


Probably the most anticipated smartphone this side of Android is the Nexus 5,it's the only smartphone produce by Google that has true stock Android OS. Just like the iPhone 5s, the Nexus 5 has seen its share of leaks all over the Internet. We've thus far seen our share of teaser pics and previewed hardware,we even seen an Google employee unintentionally leak the entire product in a video promo. The latest leak that is creating stirring up buzz is an actual video that's floating around the Internet that not only reveals the Nexus 5 down to its design in full detail,but we also see in this video what appears to be Google's next operatiting system which is codename KitKat. If you don't believe that there's such a video,take a look at the footage on the bottom of this paragraph.