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The AMD Radeon R9 290X,Codename Hawaii: Lets Talk About It

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It seems like around this time of year which is the Fall you'll see a bevy of hardware releases,most of the hardware releases entails graphic cards either by AMD or NVIDIA. Lately we have seen the release of the Radeon 200 series which includes the 280X, 270X, 260X, 250X and last but not least,the 240. Now we have the very top of the line Radeon series graphic card,the R9 290X,the high end of all of the 200 series graphic cards,lets talk about it.


The 290X by far is the fastest graphic card that's within the AMD 200 series lineup.It also has the honor of containing the only new GPU in the latest generation of graphic cards. The graphic card is in a long line island based cards put out by AMD,in particularly the 290X which goes by the code name Hawaii. The 209X is what many are considering a refined version of AMD's other island based graphic card which is code name Tahiti as it's built on a much more mature 28nm process. The GPU itself is much bigger and better than its brethren than the Tahiti graphic card.


Looking further into the Tahiti's GPU,the back and front end of the graphic processing unit has bulked up considerably,the front end contains 4 geometry processor and rasterizer pairs, up to two geometry processors tied into 4 rasterizers within Hawaii. The back end of the GPU contains 64 ROP's ( Render Output Unit) compared to Tahiti which has 32 ROP's. To get really deep within Hawaii's processor,it's computational core within has gone from 32 CU's to 44,which increases the shading/textures hardware by 38%.


The rest of the specs goes as follows,we're talking Stream Processors that measures at 2.816, up to 1GHz engine clock, 5.6 TFLOPS, 4GB GDDR dedicated memory, a 5.0 Gbps memory speed. There are 1x 6-pin and 1 x 8-pin power connections,and finally the graphic card comes with the usual PCI-E standard. The Radeon R9 290 also supports the latest API standard Open GL 4.3 and DirectX 11.2.

What is the price of this AMD Radeon R9 290X graphic card? Try $549 and its now available for order.


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