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Dell Finally Goes Private

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It's official,Dell has gone private,the company founder Micheal Dell himself has pulled off what many considered an difficult task. In terms of the mathematics of it all,the process was fairly simple,buy up all of the stocks from share holders,invest a little bit of your own money and bam! You are the sole owner of a worldly known computer manufacturer.

Here's the actual formula of acquisition,Dell needed a sum of $24.9 billion dollars all made possible by Silver Lake investment firm,throw in $754 million in cash from Micheal Dell himself,all of this is the makings of a privatize company.
This of course was met with strong opposition from billionaire Karl Ichan,let's call him a hater for short. He makes a claim that under private ownership Dell revenue will continue to decline.
Micheal whole scheme and its a good scheme at that is to run the company as he see fits without answering to a bunch empty suit shareholders. This gives the company more time to come up with some creative projects that'll have consumer impact. Since the company is no longer a public traded company,will we so innovation coming out of Dell? We'll have to wait and see.





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