Motorola Project Ara,What exactly is it?And Why I Lile It

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Motorola Ara you might think is a new smart phone that's rumored to hit the market. It is a smartphone,but it's more to it than a standalone device. Motorola slash Google just announced project Ara couple of days ago,a new innovative concept I think will cause a paradigm shift in mobile devices.

So what exactly is Motorola Ara? Project Ara is an open source initiative for modular smartphones, Motorola-Google wants to do for hardware what Android has done for its software platform. The plan is to create  a dedicated ecosystem that will support third party hardware. This means you the user can upgrade certain components to your smartphone,which includes the camera,processor or memory and even the display.
Motorola will be collaborating with Phonebloks who if you aren't familiar with who Phonebloks is there the ones who recently displayed similar ambitious smartphone modulation concept on YouTube which created an impressed buzz amongst the tech pundits.
The Project Ara's design on the smartphone will consist of endoskeleton,basic structure and various modules. Motorola states that " the modules can be anything ranging from a new keyboard to a new battery.
Motorola is currently reaching out to the developers to begin constructing Ara modules and expect developers to begin putting together kits to be released in the Winter of 2014.
Probably the biggest mystery that's come to question is this a standalone idea from Phonebloks or have Motorola worked with the Dev community years prior to  press release.
Thing is I love this whole idea that smartphone owners can upgrade components without resorting to buying a new smartphone every year.if you're paying in upwards of about $300 that smartphone should last you at least 6 years.
If Motorola can pull this off we can see this whole modulation concept transcend to tablets. Yeah, I'm pulling for you Motorola.