The Steam Machine Prototype,Yes It Exist

File-It-Under: Gaming concepts By: D.F.Skin  


It wasn't long ago that Valve announced that they wanted create a gaming console that will forever change the way we play games in our living rooms. In fact,Valve states that it wants to reinvent the whole gaming/ home theater experience. First there were the usual concept artwork as to what the gaming console might look like that was posted on the Internet,then last month we witnessed the unveiling of the gaming console's controller. Now folks,Valve brings you the Steam Machine and yes,it's an actual functional prototype.

Valve have already shipped  out 300 Steam Machines beta consoles to various tech publications such as Engadget,The Verge and beta testers.


As far as the Steam Machine hardware specs and design,if you view it closely,the Steam Machine very much resembles that of the new Xbox One with similar all black color scheme,perfectly square off design. In terms of hardware Valve states that it wants to provide consumers with a array choices optimized with different features,the lineup will include a low inexpensive streaming box model to an model that will include a Intel Core i7 and the GeForce Titan graphic card. The prototype that Engadget a Intel Core i7 and GTX 780 graphic card. All pretty impressive hardware considering its bunch neatly into a confine box, but remember all of this is pending until we see the finish product.


The Steam Machine operating system will be Linux based and will be dubbed the SteamOS. Though its an actual operating,SteamOS will not replaced OS X or Windows 8. Its will functional basics are web browsing and gaming but that's about it,there are reports that the operating system has no base level support for media playback,streaming options (Netflix,Hula) and has limited list of game support.

We won't know the full particulars of the Steam Machine until it makes its debut at CES 2014 so stay tune.