WTF? The Buggy Video Driver

File-It-Under: Corrupted software By: D.F.Skin  


There's a major issues going on with my graphic, random crashes is taking place when I  my update the latest drivers that is put out by NVIDIA. Suddenly the screen will go black on me for a couple of seconds and I get this message pops up: " NVIDIA-Display-Driver-Stopped-Responding And Has Recovered" This seems to take place at least once a day,welcome folks to the newly minted installment of WTF? I mean WTF is really going on here.

I'm not the only one with this issue,there is widespread reports from many NVIDIA graphic card owners that has this same type of error. Is it just NVIDIA graphic cards that has this same issue? Is this also happening to AMD based graphic cards.

Probably the best remedy for this problem would be to "FLASH" the systems BIOS, or just rollback the graphic card drivers to its earlier release date,but if I did that I'll be missing out on certain features and fixes.Stay tune for a follow up when I solve this issues. What you think readers,would you suggest I "Flash" my BIOS,or should I just rollback my drivers,leave comments in the box