Amazon Wants To Drone Drop Your Packages,Literally

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The title of the article is correct,Amazon wants to literally use a drones to drop off your packages. If you seen last nights 60 minutes piece then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Now the beginning of the 60 mins piece you thought probably was yet another Jeff Bezo (CEO and company founder) " interview by 60 mins,one of many interviews. Then to the surprise of Charlie Rose Jeff Bezo showed the nation what could change the way packages are delivered, a drone created by Amazon of course and the name of the drone is called the Amazon Prime.

How the whole operation works is fairly simple,the drone will sit at the end of the conveyor belt and pick up the package and carry the package 10 miles away from the Fulfillment Center. The required  weight of the package has to weigh 5 pounds or less, Jeff Bezo states that 86% of all Amazon orders are packages that weigh less than 5 pounds. The drone will then locate the address and simply drop your package right on your doorstep.

Now this of course is not met with some challenges,Amazon has to work out regulation kinks with the FCC and Amazon will then have to figure out how to prevent packages from being dropped-delivered on someones head.Jeff Bezo promises that within the next couple of years you'll see a fleet of Amazon shipping drones taking to the skies.

The question is if this all works out,how soon will you see the likes of Fed Ex and UPS adopt this same idea of drones doing the work of man,welcome to the digital age folks.What do you think,you like the idea of drones delivering your packages from Amazon? Leave the comments in the box below.