The New Xbox One: The(Late) Official Hardware Breakdown

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The launching of the Xbox One several days old now,every website have had their reviews,spec sheets, and un-boxing videos. So here at the Tekspecz headquarters I've gathered all of my Intel of the next generation gaming console and compiled a detail hardware spec sheet. What's really going within the Xbox One,lets get to it.

The RAM:

Probably the other selling point with the Xbox One in terms of hardware is its RAM,it features 8GB of DDR3 RAM that's capable of reaching 68 GB/sec bandwidth.The 8 GB RAM inside the Xbox One is split further into 16 DRAM on the consoles motherboard. Unlike its competing gaming console PS4,the Xbox One has all 16 DRAM units that surround the APU. The Xbox One also uses the SK HYNIX INC H5TQ63AFR-TEC model that features a programmable CAS latency of 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13 and 14. The DRAM inside the Xbox One is capable of synchronous instructions for both the rising and falling edges of the clock.

The APU:

Just like the PS4,the Xbox One features a custom built APU who's model as X887732-001 DG3001FEG84HR, the CPU has peaked clock speed that measures 1.75 Ghz. The initial CPU was 1.6 Ghz,but Microsoft later on boosted up the clock speed. The GPU itself has 14 compute units out of which 2 are actually inactive,this increases the yield and also just in case other units become faulty. The custom chip also uses a 28-nanometer-process geometry,which is once again similar to the PS4.


Unlike the PS4 where there's an easy access to a  removable hard drive,the Xbox One doesn't have a removable drive,well technically. You can access the hard drive according to iFixIt images I saw on their website,but it would require the user to practically take apart then entire console and there is no guarantee that the drive will be able to format. As far as the drive is concern,its manufactured Samsung (Its a Samsung Springpoint) its a M8ST500LM012 with a 500 GB storage capacity,it has a very average speed that comes in at 5400 RPM with a 8MB Cache, a SATA 2 interface with 3.0 GB/s data transfer speed.

The Optical Drive

The Xbox One finally gets the Blu-Ray/DVD combo drive,something the PlayStation has enjoyed for 7 years now. The Blu-ray/DVD combo drive is connected to the motherboard via a SATA data connector.

AV Output ports

The Xbox One is laced with a boat load of ports starting with a two HDMI ports,one on the left side,one on the right side,a digital optical audio out,two USB 3.0 ports,kinect port,and finally a Infrared Output and a Ethernet Port.