PC Tools Tuesday Presents: SpeedFan and CrystalDiskMark

File-It-Under: System Tools By: D.F.Skin  




Welcome to PC Tools Tuesday,where each week I will introduce free applications that can help breath more life into your computer,bet it a PC or Mac. There are a lot of free tools that you can use to extend your computers life,most computer failures are due to neglect and poor maintenance skills,why? because most computer,the casual computer owners that is just don't know and not informed. Without wasting precious learning time,here;s two free must have apps you should have in your Start Menu.




Probably the most popular application for system builders and many PC enthusiast,even the casual computer owner who don't understand what the hell is going on would benefit from using SpeedFan. The application itself is pretty straight forward,measures temperature of your main hardware such as the hard drive,graphic card, and your CPU. It also measures the speed of your system cases fan,your CPU fan and your GPU fan. As a added bonus,SpeedFan also tells you the health of your hardware.The app itself just doesn't just sit there and measure temps and fan speed,you can also adjust the speed of your fan with SpeedFan. Great thing about this app,its free of charge. Just hit the Google search bar and type in SpeedFan.




Another popular yet free app used by many system owners.This app is also pretty basic,it measures your hard drives read write speed. This is a good app to get a gauge as to how well your hard drive is performing in terms of speed.Like SpeedFan this app is a easy search just hit the Google search bar.


Both applications are available for all flavors of Windows,yes that includes Windows XP.