The New USB 3.1,Reversible USB That Is

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Will we one day see a much thinner reversible USB connector that'll make it easy to use on smaller devices? The answer yes we will and it will happen sooner than you think.Work has begun on a new generation USB which will break traditional compatibility that will coexist with many connectors,this will improve ease of use and as I stated will allow for much more thinner devices. The new connector will be classified as the Type-C connector, it will be an added edition to the USB 3.1 specification and once again as I stated before this all will take place very soon,finalize by mid-2014. Right now there are no images yet of the new generation USB 3.1 connector, but the Type-C connector will be around the size of a Micro USB plug and like that of Apple's Lightning connector,it will be reversible. This will deplete frustration when attempting to charge your smartphone with an upside-down cable.

According to the press release,the USB 3.0 Promoter Group chairman Brad Saunders states that the Type-C connector will quote: "meet evolving design trends in terms of size and usability"  when allowing for scalability in charging devices and data transfer. Type-C " will enable an entire new super thin class of devices from smartphones to tablets,to 2-in-1's, to laptops to desktops" . Alex Peleg of Intel states that quote: This new industry standards-based thin connector will deliver data,power and video and will be the only connector one will need across all devices' .

The Type-C will be an entire new connector, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group will also have to include a specification for your adapter and cables, this is needed so that countless USB chargers aren't rendered useless. Is this all way long overdue? Of course,with the likes of Apple's Lightning Cable being a sudden success in terms of operation,the new USB 3.1 new design for me is gladly needed.