My Tech Gear To Go: Whats In My Back Pack

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Lets face it,nowadays the gadgets that we rely on daily are occupying a large portion of our backpacks and for the ladies hand bags. More and more tech heads are either carrying tablets,e-Readers and of course smartphones. For most we are carrying around tablets,laptops and eReaders all at the same time in one bag.Let's not forget about when we are taking long trips,we practically have our home office in our bags. So what's in your back pack,you know what's in my back? Here we go,here's what I roll with on daily,all of my tech gadgets that come with me when I'm doing my daily travels here in NYC.



Let's start with the tablets I roll with,the 3rd generation iPad comes with me like flies on shit,I never leave home without,nothing like being able to surf the net on the fly but for the most part I use the iPad for entertainment,viewing movies,watching Netflix and gaming. When I need to read my books,I resort to my Kindle e-Ink reader. The Kindle reader is probably the greatest innovation since the Internet in my opinion,being able to upload a 1,000 books onto a device is pretty amazing. When I don't feel like whipping out the tablet to surf the net,there is the iPhone 5 which never leaves my side. Its basically my life all in the palm of my hands.These devices at some point needs to be charged right? That's why I have the Newtrent external battery charger which is a definite life saver,nothing like being able to charge your device in a time of need.For my listening pleasure I used the best ear-bud headphones that money can buy the Klipsch Image S4i,great sound without the heavy base with total sound isolation.

My watch is the ole reliable yet rugged Casio G-Shock Protection,I honor this watch partly because I love watches but mostly because it was a nice gift from my sister,and yes its an added gadget. Lastly we have the Phillip head screw driver,yes I know it sounds crazy but you never know when stuff needs to be fixed,I mean I am a tech junkie at heart.

What's in your bag? Leave you comments in the box below.