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Top Five Tech Gifts You Should Absolutely Stay Away From For Xmas

File-It-Under: Bad technology By: D.F.Skin  


The the holiday season has come upon us  and that means tons tech gadget,computers and gaming consoles are ready to grace the Christmas trees.Some of these tech gadgets are pretty reasonable in price,others are pretty expensive,yet consumers are willing to pay a notes ransom for these gadgets. This is all fine and dandy,but there are some god awful tech gadgets out there waiting to be purchased by consumers, I mean these gadgets are so horrible,you wonder how in gods hell can they put a price tag on these devices.For that I bring you my top 5 god awful tech gifts you should stay away from for Christmas.


1:Flips Headphones/Speaker Hybrid $119:

OK let get this straight,these are headphones that flip into actual speakers? I thought the idea of having headphones is to enjoy sound to yourself,you want great sound for the listening pleasure of your ears.You flip the headphones and they are now speakers? This got be the single worst shit of an idea since Chocolate covered Twinkies,enough said.


2:The Nintendo Wii U $299: 

Is it a gaming console? Is it a gaming portable? Wait,its a gaming console/portable. Basically how it work is simple,you play the game on the portable device yet stream it to you TV.And they want $299 for this shit? Just think for $100 more,you can buy yourself a um PS4? Right.


3: Nike Fuel Band $189:

A $189 device to track your exercise habits and monitor your daily activity? You do know that there are several smartphone apps that are free or cheap that does the same thing. Is this a stocking stuffer? No,its more like a trash bag stuffer .


4:The Google ChromeBook Pixel $1,299: 

Don't get me wrong,when it comes down to design,the ChromeBook Pixel is very aesthetically beautiful,very sharp bright display.But I think the casual computer owner is not ready to pay $1,300 for a laptop that just has a browser based operating system. To think,you can get a MacBook Air for $400 less.


5: The Blackberry Z10:

Was this smartphone really suppose to challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! The only thing good about this smartphone is its BBM messenger app which you can get for free on Android and IOS 7.




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