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PC Tools Tuesday Presents: TrueCrypt and Kee Pass

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This weeks installment of "PC Tools Tuesday" we talk security,security and more security. In the age of the prying eyes of the United States Government (The NSA comes to mind) it is so important more than ever to protect your private data on your computers. There are dozens of apps that you can use to encrypt your data stored on your hard drive,there are even dozens of ways to institute strong encryption to protect yourself from the prying eyes of Uncle Sam and the bad guys. Two the come to mind are TrueCrypt and Kee Pass,lets talk about it.



Kee Pass:

Kee Pass is a free open source password management tool who main purpose is to stores all usernames and passwords into a secure encrypted database, its protected by a single master password and or key file. There are many password management tools out there,but Kee Pass is different, by default its encrypted database is strictly local,it is not stored in the cloud for added security. Its a cross platform application which means you can install it on the Mac, Windows,Linux, even on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.



Then we have TrueCrypt which is another open source (Free) application who's main mission is to encrypt files on your hard drive.You also have a choice to encrypt your entire volume,meaning you can encrypt your entire hard drive or you can encrypt a single partition. Truecrypt has a very steep learning curve so when using this application keenly follow direction that's put fourth to you on their website. Or if you're not comfortable with the websites instructions,there are dozens of YouTube videos demonstrating how to setup and use TrueCrypt. This also a cross platform application that's compatible with the Mac, PC and Linux.

At a later date,I will talk about the TrueCrypt in depth and show you how to setup and use this application.



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