Top Five Gifts You Should Give Your Love Ones For Xmas

File-It-Under: Must have tech By: D.F.Skin Not to long ago which was a few days back,I compiled a list of tech gadgets you absolutely should stay away from if you desire to give you love ones any type of tech gadgets ( that includes computers) for Christmas,literally shoot yourself if you even think about purchasing the gifts I mentioned on that list.Now fast forward to present day,I've complied a list of gadgets that you should absolutely get your love ones for Xmas,in fact your love ones will cherish the ground you walk if you buy these gifts. Let's get to it,the top five.


1: iPad Air $499 to start:

Its try very very hard not to be impartial on this top five listing and not dominate it with Apple products being that I own a couple of Apple devices.With that said,the iPad Air to me in my opinion has to be the sexiest tablet on the market. I should know because I held the tablet in my hand and played with it.Its light weight,not to bulky in dimensions and flawless when it comes down to work-ability.


2: Galaxy Note 3 $299:

I've been an iPhone owner now since its inception,but every time I look at the Galaxy Note 3 (Even held in my hand) I drool with impression. Another sexy well design device.

PS4 vs Xbox One composite

3: Xbox One and PS4

This bares no long sentence or comment,you can't miss with either or.


4: MacBook Air $999 to start: 

I' said on this website on numerous occasions that the MacBook Air is the best Ultrabook on the market.I own one myself so I can speak volumes of its greatness.


5: Audio-Technica ATH-M50 $150:

Probably the best under $200 headphones on the market,hell,this is probably one of the best headphones out period.It has garnish raved reviews from every single tech publication on the Internet, and once again I can vouch for its greatness because I own a pair.Great sound,perfect base levels,insane drivers.Its either these or pay for overpriced trash in The Beats headphones.