Skitch For The Mac,Resolution Controls For Retina Display

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Oh you thought we just do PC stuff,no readers,though I'm a PC loyalist,I do own and work on Macs. When there's any information concerning anything Apple,the readers needs to be informed. With that said,there's a pretty cool looking app which goes by the name Skitch basically its main purpose is to optimize your retina display on your MacBooks. It allows users to chose between 144 DPI and the regular 72 DPI screenshot with added on pixel density. This new feature can toggle through any file type menu from the bottom left of the app's window, and it doesn't affect the size sent to an apps like Evernote. The large screen can capture labeled Hi-Res" the very moment you snap it. The software has the ability to also remember your preference settings.

If you want to shrink down your image library, good news the Skitch software update is now available on iTunes,download it now,I did.