Tekspecz Presents: The High Tech Man Cave( Virtual Money Is No Object)

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When you think of a man cave we picture an unfinished  basement  with a over size circa 2001 plasma TV, wood panel walls decorated with Taxidermy Moose heads that sit over a unused fireplace.No we don't live in that age anymore,we live in the digital age now so today's man cave should be decked out like the Starship Enterprise. In this installment of Man Cave Tech, we take a look at must have gadgets needed in you man cave that's like um, present day. Some of these items I've listed might be unrealistic to purchase due to its price tag that is of course you have very deep pockets and million dollar trust fund,but hey,can't a man have a dream? Without further ado,lets deck out this man cave with the latest ultra supreme tech gear.


The Flat Screen: Samsung-65" Class LED-4K Ultra HD TV $4,499.98: Since our virtual money is no object, let's go big and start things off with this Samsung-65" inch ultra thin,ultra compact Class HD-TV, this Flat screen sports the latest 4K Ultra HD technology with an amazing 2160p resolution and also an amazing 120Hz refresh rate, it is smart TV capable and supports the latest 3D and HDTV technologies.


Home Theater Package: Onkyo HT-S3500 Home Theater Speaker/Receiver Package $735:

Nowadays when purchasing a home theater equipment,you can now buy it in a complete package,there rather hard to find if you're looking for something that's high quality,but you still can get an entire package which includes the receiver,speakers and sub-woofer. I found the perfect home theater package on Amazon's website, the Onkyo HT-S35000 5.1 per Channel speaker/receiver package. You seeing this a lot now with receiver's these days and that's HDMI outputs,in the case for this particular receiver there are 4 HDMI outputs. The Onkyo HT-S35000 has a 700 watts output wattage which is more than enough output to blast the roof off of your house.


Speakers:Polk Audio RTI A9 Floor standing Speakers $749:

We'er are not going to go with these speakers that came with the Onkyo HT S3500,we'll keep the subwoofer though but will ditch the cheesy looking speakers that comes with this set. For our high tech man cave,we need something that will blow your ear drums off,we want that movie theater experience. That's why for our high tech man cave our the speakers of choice will be the Polk Audio RTI A9 Floor-standing speakers. Again the virtual cash we got on hand is no object as these are some pretty pricey speakers at $750,with these speakers though you get what you pay for as it comes equipped with a dual 5.25-inch polymer composite cone drivers, and three 7inch polymer composite subwoofers.


Gaming Computer Setup: Digital Storm Aventum II $5,845

What's a high tech man cave without a couple of computers laying around,what's a expensive well put together high tech man cave not without an expensive gaming desktop PC. With our unlimited virtual cash,why not go with Digital Storm Aventum II in my opinion one of the best gaming /workstation around. This gaming rig is completely customized from the design of the case to its cooling system. If you're wondering about the specs here it is: an Intel Core i7 4770K processor, 16GB 1866Mhz RAM, 2x SLI NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB graphic card, 240GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSD, as I mentioned before it has a customized cooling setup with customize thermal controls,copper piping and a uniquely design rear exhaust vent, 1TB 7200RPM storage HDD,ASUS Z87 chispset motherboard, 1200W Corsair AX1200i power supply, whew I'm so out of breath,enough said.


For our PC monitor we need something unique to go with out $5,000 computer,once again without sparing any expense,lets go with the Dell UltraSharp U2713HM: $799.



Our TV Stand: BDI-Icon TV Stand for Flat-Panel TVs Up to 65" $859.98: 

We still have an unlimited amount of virtual money to spend,so its fitting to purchase the best TV stand that money can buy,that's why I choose the BDI-Icon flat-panel TV stand. Its stocked with 2 shelves with a 23-1/2 height / 62" width, it has a open architecture with a primary and secondary black finish color, with a metal/glass construction type.


Our PC Desk: Galant Glass Black Silver color $200:

Since this isn't a office we'er decking out here,I decided to go with something simple to rest our $5,000 gaming computer a Galant Glass Black Silver desk that you can purchase at Ikea



The PC Chair: HermanMiller Embody Chair $1199: 

The description of the chair from its websites goes as follows: Its the first work chair design specifically to create harmony between your body and your computer. With our high tech man cave, we most certainly need a little bit of mind body and harmony connection with out $5,000 PC you think?


Denique (Latin for Finally)

There are some items I left off this list I think is pretty common in any living rooms today that really bares no mentioning like my favorite tablet the iPad Air, the MacBook Air and the Logitech Harmony remote. What would you purchase for your high tech man cave? Is this an over abundance of splurging? Leave your comments on the box below.