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The Tekspecz Last Minute Tech Shopping Deals: Dell Inspiron 17 900p

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If you are one of many people (Myself included) who don't want to spend a notes ransom on an Apple product or any tech product for that matter,then you're in luck.All this week  leading right up the day before Xmas I will be seeking out deals and posting it on this site for our budget conscious shoppers who don't want to break the bank to make love ones happy for the holidays.We start things off with the Dell Inspiron 17 900p . This is a perfect laptop for the casual computer user looking to upgrade to a laptop with better hardware, and or,if you know of a love one or family member who needs to have their own laptop just for the sake of having their own device. The hardware on this Dell Inspiron 17 900p is pretty decent,it contains an i3-3227U Intel processor,500 GB HDD (Harddrive) along with 4GB DDR-1600, the laptop ships with a single DIMM stick with an option to upgrade to another DIMM stick doubling your RAM capacity.It has a 2GB Radeon HD 865M graphic chip which has enough power to do some light gaming and of course surf the net and stream videos. Finally it comes pre-installed with Windows 7 which by the way you also can upgrade to Windows 8 because it has the hardware to support the operating system.

So lets talk price,this Dell Inspiron 17 900p retails for $499.99 and you can purchase it with free shipping if you log onto LogicBuy's website,this deal expires on Dec 20th.




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