PC Tools Tuesday Presents: Revo Uninstaller

File-It-Under: Tools for the system By: D.F.Skin  



This week on PC Tools Tuesday,I ran into one of my favorite most used app on my computers(Yes I just recently used the app),and that's Revo Uninstaller,another application that's an absolute must have.A lot of times when you uninstall software from your computer there isn't always a complete uninstall as there are almost always left over files from that app that is buried in your hard drive somewhere or even worst attached to your Windows Registries which can slow your computer to a crawl. With Revo Uninstaller,it not only uninstall your applications,but it also destroys left over files that's buried in a  folder somewhere and or attached to your system registries. Revo Uninstaller has a effective rate that I would grade %100,there's a free version and there is a Pro version that comes with a price tag,but you can't go wrong either way Revo Uninstaller is a must have app that should be on your computers desktop.