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My Top Five Smartphones 2013 (This is subject to debate)

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Welcome to the year ending "Top Five" awards,this will be one many Top Five entries in the days to come leading right up to the New Year. We kick things off with my Top Five smartphones of 2013, some of these smartphones I don't personally own (I'm a iPhone 5s owner), but these are smartphones that made a lot of noise with the consumer masses and tech pundits around the planet.Without putting this list in a chronicle order,here's my top five smartphones of 2013.


1: Samsung Galaxy S4 

Looking for a smartphone with a big screen,then this is choice for you.Arguably the most popular smartphone to date,I see more Samsung Galaxy S4's in public view than the iPhone.


2: The HTC One

The perfect smartphone when it comes down to its design,even more impressive is its speakers,not only are they the best sounding smartphone speakers around,but the speakers are perfectly placed on the bottom of the smartphone.


3: Nexus 5

The best stock Android unlock smartphone on the market,strong in performance with heavy duty hardware specs,the best Nexus smartphone to date according to many Nexus smartphone owners.


4: The iPhone 5S

Pretty much the same design as the iPhone 5,the biggest changes to the smartphone other than iOS 7 is its hardware.The first smartphone with 64-bit processing and throw in the first smartphone with a legitimate functional finger print reader.


 5: The Galaxy Note 3

This is probably the only smartphone that gave some serious consideration to switch from my iPhone and purchase the Galaxy Note 3,considering its lame plastic rear build, its still in my opinion the sexiest big smartphone on the market.


Honorable Mention and no forgotten the Nokia Lumia and Oppo N1

How can I leave a smartphone off this list that has 41 megapixels,though its perfect for picture taking selfies the smartphone didn't crack the list because I'm not a big fan of its ultra bulky design,but it was a smartphone that made a lot of noise with consumers to say the least. The Oppo N1 is another smartphone that really impress me with its design and hardware,even more impressive consumers will have a choice to either go with the smartphones skin version of Android or CyanogenMod design or you can go with both. to be fair though,the Oppo N1 makes its official debut on Dec 24th so ti hasn't had time to gain mass appeal just yet.






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