Technical Specification of: The Mac Pro 2013 (The Hardcore Breakdown)

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I want to try something new and add this to the whole experience and that's the "Technical Specification of...." I pretty much want to stick to the main mantra of the website and that's break down technology to not only hardcore,die hard tech pundits, but also to the casual tech/gadget owners who don't know the technology inside these devices. Today we kick things off with the new Mac Pro 2013 which has just went on sell this week,a lot of websites have both mixed and positive things to say about this highly spec'd out machine. But what's behind the absolute power of this heavy priced $3000 to start computer? Let's get with the hardware specs.



The Processor and Graphic Card

One of the most unique thing about the new Mac Pro is its overall design,equally impressive is how its hardware and all of its power are integrated onto one board,you have both the graphic card and processor embedded on a motherboard. The raw power behind the Mac Pro without a doubt is its processor,the Intel Xeon 3.7GHz quad-core processor,you can option up to a 6-Core processor. This processor  are usually found in most high-end servers,Apple's ability to cram such power into a small package is simply amazing. The second most powerful component in the Mac Pro is the graphic card,a Dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics processor with a 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM, with an option Dual AMD FirePro D500 graphics processor with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM. Let us set our focus on the high-end version shall we: 1526 stream processors, 384-bit-wide memory bus, 249GB/s memory bandwidth, 2.2 teraflops performance. Basically you have the power of two graphic cards into one chip.


The Memory and Storage

Again I must state this very clear for the readers, I'm in amazement as to how Apple were able to cram impeccable quality hardware into a small cylinder package,same can be said to it's memory or for the lack of the better term RAM, 12GB of DDR3 ECC memory (an actual three 4GB of RAM), 1866MHz with an option 16GB (an actual four 4GB), 1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory. The storage is a PCIe-based flash that comes in at 256GB,this is not insane,insane is being able to configure storage up to 512GB or 1TB.


Connectable Expansion

Even in most high-end computers you see the same standard connection and ports,with the Mac Pro you have connection ports,but they are not the standard run of the mill connections, there is 4 USB 3 ports, 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports, Dual Gigabit Ethernet outputs, HDMI 1.4 UltraHD. Its not the connection features that is impressive, impressive is being able to connect Three 4K displays and daisy chain Six Thunderbolt displays,all from the Mac Pro (Beast Mode).


The Mac Pro also has some pretty impressive audio features, it combines an optical digital audio/analog line out minijack, an headphone minijack with headset support, HDMI port that can support multichannel audio output, and there's embedded speakers within the Mac Pro.