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PC Tools Tuesday Presents: Avast Anti-Virus App

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Since the news lately has been Internet security breaches and I'm talking about an epic,major security breach that went on with Target,now would be a good time to recommend a nice effective anti-virus app and one my favorites Avast software. Now you should know that anti-virus applications aren't a always effective at thwarting hackers and supplanted dirty files. In most cases anti-virus application don't always catch and debug a virus program, but you still want a anti-virus application that minimizes attacks on your computer. For me I'm making a strong recommendation for Avast software,not only is it effective,but its one of my favorites apps that I recommend for many PC owners.

Three factors I use to gauge a good anti-virus program,1:Easy learning curve 2: Not Heavy on the System 3:Communication, Avast meets all three criteria,its very easy to use in fact it basically runs itself,its not a bloat on the system and the software communicates very well with the PC owners,it lets you know when it's updating with an actual automated voice (Beat Mode). When your computer is breached with an virus,Avast flashes an pop update.The question you might want to ask is does Avast catch viruses on the point of attack? The answer is yes. When I put this anti-virus application against competing software,Avast was able to catch virus and Trojans while the other anti-virus apps didn't even sniff out the dirty file,not good.

Avast is a free download,you do though have a choice to spend the money and get the Pro version,but the free version Avast is just as effective,so save yourself the money.Get with it download Avast now.


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