Audio Technica ATH M 50:My Xmas Review

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Out of all the gifts I've received on Xmas from years past,the gift I received this Xmas by far tops all of the gifts that was given to me. The gift I'm referring to is the Audio Technica ATH M50's, now I've talked about these headphones on numerous occasions,even added these headphones to my "Top 5 gifts to get this Xmas list.Well someone must have read one of my article( My family) because I now have these headphones in my possession.After trying out these headphones for the past couple of hours,I got to say,these are one the best sounding headphones that has dawn my ears to date.

Not really a big fan of over the ears headphones as I much prefer to have the more concealed compact in-ear-bud headphones for my listening pleasure,but the Audio Technica ATH M50 completely changes my views on over ear the headphones.Not because these are reasonable priced headphones which retails on Amazon for $140,but its the sound,yeah the sound,best sounding headphones that you can get under $200.


What makes for great sound in any headphones,for me its clarity without the heavy bass and most important isolation,the Audio Tehcnica ATH M50's meets my criteria. As soon as I took the headphones out of the box,I connect it to my iPhone and cued up Spotify,right away the music put me in a sudden trance,very clear sound,drivers and sound levels for me is near perfect.Now I've tried The Beats headphones but to me the Beats by Dr Dre have way to much emphasis on bass and in my opinion heavy bass doesn't always equates to good sound.

In terms of the headphones build and features,the ATH-M50 are considered to be professional studio monitor headsets.The circumaural ear piece to the headphones can rotate in a 180' fashion which for me makes it very comfortable for my ears. The padded ear cushions are perfect in such a way that it creates an outstanding seal for total sound isolation.At the base of the cord the headphones has a coiled spring that wraps around it which of course prevents the the cord from bending,constant bending of the base of the cord can cause the wires to short out which can render the headphones useless.


The Audio-Technica has a very sophisticated drive technology and some high grade components within that delivers supreme power handling and a very high SPL capabilities, this maintains high clarity of sound that has extended range,as mention earlier it has accurate perfect bass and high-frequency extension. Getting real deep with the headphones specs the ATH M50 features nice large aperture drives with neodymium magnet system within that transfers efficient signaling.


Probably the only minor drawback to the Audio-Technica ATH M50 is the over ear piece portion of the headphones are a little bit difficult to adjust,but this is a very minor drawback,being a fan of ear-bud headsets its going to take me awhile to get used to the constant adjusting. Other than that,the ATH M50 is a definite buy especially if you aren't looking to spend a notes ransom on some quality headphones. I've listened to the more expensive $300 Beats by Dr Dre headphones and for me the Audio-Technica ATH M50 is by far has the better sound. Not bad for $140.