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Top Five Technologies That Made Noise In 2013

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Last time I posted any "Top Five" listing of 2013 I compiled my list of Top Five smartphones of the soon to be old year (2013), today I post my Top Five technologies that made a lot of noise this year. For those of the street lingo challenged noise makes reference to technologies that generated a lot of keen interest of 2013. This top five listing was rather hard,there were a lot of technologies that generated some viral buzz but I did the best I can to complied this listing,you might agree or disagree with some of what I listed. Without further ado, not putting it in a chronicle order,here's my Top Five Technologies that made noise in 2013.


1: Smart Watches

This was certainly a year of the unveiling of the smart watch, smart watches is most certainly not brand new technology, but in 2013 we saw the likes of Pebble and the Samsung Galaxy Gear really go mainstream this year. Like it or lump it,smart watches have dawn the wrist of many curious tech pundits. I mean we are starting to even see celebs wearing the Galaxy Gear.


2: The Mac Pro

I could probably put any computer on this listing,but what truly makes the Mac Pro so unique is its design,its basically a cylinder shaped miniature garbage can that you can sit right on your desk. But its not the design that's fascinating,its the hardware inside that's got everyone buzzed. Apple engineers were able to cram some supreme hardware into a 11-inch cylinder,I say its pure genius.


3: Touch ID Technology iPhone 5S

Biometric technology has been around for decades,but to see it on commercial products such as the iPhone and actually work is amazing in itself.

PS4 vs Xbox One composite

4: The PS4 and Xbox One

Putting these two consoles on this list is probably a new brainier considering its popularity,but its not the console itself is what makes it popular,its the technology within. Both the PS4 and Xbox One have some serious hardware that rivals most high-end gaming computers.



This right here is a wild card,CyangenMod and yes it has been in the news a lot lately.Its the first open source Andriod base OS that makes it easy for Android owners to remodel their mobile OS without worrying about bricking their devices.


Honorable mention

You might be asking why not Google Glass? Well technically Google Glass is still in beta testing,those you see wearing the device are I guess the chosen elite few. The tech you see on the list are commercial products that's purchased by consumers. The Google Glass is said to go on sell sometime in late 2014.

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