The Pebble Smart Watch Very Very Late New Years 2014 Review

File-It-Under: Smart Watch tech By: D.F.Skin  


Happy New Year to all the loyal readers,we kick things off the new year with a bang,yes I got me a Pebble smart watch and there is a lot to say about this famed device. Before we get down to the details,though I'm not to thrilled about how the Pebble smart watch was package,and most importantly for me,where are the directions and manual? Big ups  to Pebble for rapidly sending this product,the device was delivered in a matter of 24 hours. Now that I got that out of the way,what about the Pebble smart watch. Is it as good as advertised,the watch itself has gotten some mixed reviews from many tech pundits who have purchased this device. Here's my take on the Pebble smart watch,follow along.

The Setup

I really had it in my head that setting up the Pebble smart watch would be a bit difficult or even worst I would run into some problems that required me to call tech support. Surprisingly I didn't,in fact it took little bit over 5 mins to setup the watch. The one thing about the iPhone,it does a supreme job pairing up devices via Bluetooth connection. With the Pebble smart watch,pairing it with my iPhone was smooth sailing,it found the device with no difficulties at all. Before pairing your device you must importantly download the Pebble app from the App store or if you're an owner of an Android device download the app from Google Play. Once you've done downloading the app,simply pair up the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth,as I mentioned before its a very simple easy process.



The Pebble smart watch actually works,I immediately put the device to a battery of test and for me it past with flying colors. It displayed text when I got text messages on my iPhone,the watch displayed incoming calls emails and text notification when it should have.Despite wide reports of the smart watch having glaring issues such as the battery losing charge, constant signal lost and watch not displaying time, in using the smart watch in the last 24 hours I had a pretty positive experience with the device. Probably the best feature on the Pebble smart watch is its ability to control your music.Not only can you control your music,but you can see what track is playing displayed on your smart watch.Even cool,Pebble works well with Spotify ( which is big for me since I'm a Spotify user), I can pause the track,fast forward to another track,or rewind to the previous track, flawless.

The back lighting on the Pebble for me is some what decent,not perfect but decent I would like for the back light display to be a little bit brighter,but this is a minor flaw. Is the smart watch water proof,you bet it is. In my test with the Pebble smart watch,I actually took a long 30 minute shower and the results were good,the watch still functioned at 100%. Then there is the notification,I mean its functional,but I want to see more than just Emails,Phone calls and text messages,although from what I've seen on various YouTubes videos you can get CNN news updates,scores and Twitter notifications. As soon I figure out how to get these notifications I will post an update.

The vibrating notification on the Pebble smart watch is surprisingly solid and loud,the watch frighteningly lets you know you have a notification which in a sense is a positive.


Design and Display

For me the design on the  Pebble smart watch is pretty sleek yet basic,nothing in the design is really eye popping. The great thing about the Pebble smart watch is that you have the option of changing the watches band. For me,I will be trying different bands because the default band to the Pebble smart watch is pretty bland and vanilla. The watches display uses an e-Ink interface which lends itself to the watches simplicity,the display is very sharp even under direct sunlight . You can also customize the watches face with all types clock apps  which for me is the best part to the Pebble smart watch and that is being able to download different watch faces.


Battery Life and Beyond

The Pebble smart watch is capable of having 7 days of battery power on a single charge,for me I've only had the watch for 24 hours on a partial charge yet not once did I have to charge the watch up which is a good thing. You can probably attribute its long lasting battery power to the smart watches e-Ink display which doesn't require an abundance of power.


The But Factor

The Pebble smart watch is a pretty decent device to have on your arm to show off to your friends,but there is a but factor,yes the Pebble is nice but I want to see more out from this watch in terms of functionality and features. For instance wouldn't it be cool to have built in speakers and a mic on the Pebble so that you can actually answer incoming calls through the devices microphone.Then there is  the design,which in itself is pretty decent and sleek,but the watch itself is shockingly small,I'm a big fan of big watches,I would like to see the overall watch be a little bit bigger. I would also love to see the Pebble do away with the buttons on the side and go to a full touchscreen  interface,there seems to be a bit of a learning curve when tending the devices buttons that's placed on the side. When you first dawn the watch on your arms,its a bit of a tough task trying to figure out which button does what. Instead of vibrating notifications,why not use sound,then again that's where speakers would come into play,right?

Ah yes about that price,this is probably the most criticized thing about the Pebble smart watch and that's the price. At $150 this is a bit much for a smart watch with limited functionality,the Pebble smart watch should have been priced at $75 at best.

Then Finally...

The Pebble smart watch was by far a head turner in 2013,it got many attention because the watch is ushering in a dawn of technology and that's wearable tech.Let's do away with the semantics and cut to the chase. Is the Pebble smart watch a must have device no,at least not yet it isn't. Is it a device that has some practical usage,yes it does. I love being able to control my music right from my wrist without pulling out my smartphone,beast mode. I just wish the smart watch had more functions and features.But in fairness,most of these smart watches you see on the market are first generation device. As time goes on I'm sure we'll see smart watches like the Pebble evolve. If you have a money to spare I would most certainly get the Pebble,just don't give up paying your light bill for this device.