The Powerocks Smart Power Battery Pack,A Point Of Interest

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CES starts this upcoming weekend yet we are already starting to see devices that will make its debut at the trade show popping up on several websites,case in point with this Powerocks Smart Battery battery pack,an definite point of interest.The backup external battery pack has 5200 mAh of power within and is design to operate with just about any device out there that requires a charge.

There are plenty of external batteries out on the market,but what sets the Smart Power battery apart from others is it has a functional app,yes there is a app for it. The app is available for both the Android and iOS devices and works by precisely analyzing the battery life that's left in your mobile device.

The 5200mAh power that's within the external battery is capable of doubling the runtime on several devices which includes the iPhone and Android smartphones.About he app and how it works,the Smart Power app exactly puts status of your battery on the display on your mobile devices as it is charging. The whole idea behind the app is the increase awareness as to when the battery is full without the making any guesses.

The app will also send out alerts reminding users to charge their device. The Smart Power battery pack also has a " do not disturb" feature that is solely for night time usage. As far as the physical portion of the external battery,it has LED lights that indicates its own charge status. The battery pack also has a output of 2.1A which allows for it to work with any tablets that needs increased power. The battery measures in at 4.2" x 1.7" and comes in six flavors (colors). The external battery will begin shipping sometime in February and will retail for $79.99 .


Source Credit: SlashGear and Powerock