CES 2014 Is Here,Are You Ready?

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As you know CES is upon us which means you'll see a bevy of new tech gadgets,computers,and yes you'll see lots and lots and lots of TV's. This TV is the baddest on the block,this TV is the biggest on the block,and yes you'll be fed with the proverbial pixel information. For those who aren't familiar what CES is,its acronym for Consumer Electronic trade Show. Every year thousands tech companies gather at Las Vegas around the beginning of January to show off their tech stuff. You'll see companies like Microsoft,Intel,Dell make its showing, and you'll even see a host of tech start-ups debut their gadgets and software.From a historical aspect of it all,it was at CES Apple debut the iPhone back in 2007,it was also at CES where the Pebble smart watch gained its fame which I'm currently wearing my wrist.

Though I'm not at CES this year I'll be posting gadgets and techs of interest on this site,so be on the lookout for it this coming week,stay tune