Dear Dairy: My Five Days With The Pebble Smart Watch

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When I review any tech product whether its hardware or any form of gadget,I usually spend a better of about a couple hours before posting my review on this site.To really get a strong gauge at a product one,must at least a couple of days with it,that's what I did with my new Pebble smart watch. I've spent 5 days with it and even had time to formulate some notes and out it into a dairy like format.

The reviews that I posted in regards to the Pebble smart watch if you read it were rather positive,the only drawback was it needs more features and functionality. With that said,since wearing the smart watch for the past 5 days I must say , the watch is truely beneficial,its sort of a life saver in a sense. It benefits me when I'm leaving my smartphone in my pockets I can view all types of incoming email notifications,text messages and even the latest news of the day,remember all of this without pulling out my smartphone from my pockets.

Its sort of a life saver in that when I'm not near my smartphone,I can actually view incoming calls especially if they're emergency calls. I have a distinct bad habit of leaving my smartphone on vibrate,thus me not being able to hear incoming calls.Probably the game changing portion of my Pebble smart watch is the music feature.Being able to pause play songs,fast forward and rewind tracks is awesome, once again all without removing my smartphone from my pockets.

The smart watch also takes the brunt of a lot of curious onlookers when I view who's calling me on my smart watch.I get ask all kinds of question from "can you make calls from your watch?" to "Can you make Skype calls?" Trust me the questions are all welcome as I take great pride demonstrating the smart watches features.

So far since I've placed this watch on my arm 5 days ago,I have yet to take it off of my wrist. The Pebble smart watch is a definite daily driver for me,still wish it had more function. Upon writing this so call dairy or blog Pebble just announced a soon to be dedicated app store so stay tune.