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CES Update 2014: Mad Catz Tournament Edition RAT

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Mad Catz has been featured on this website on numerous occasions,I even own a Mad Catz mouse the Rat3 and is using it at this very momment. If you need a mouse strictly for gaming,something light,fast then the new Mad Catz TE (Tournament Edition) is constructed for your gaming needs. Now Mad Catz states that the mouse is made for professional gamers which is a sort of a laugh in that anyone and everyone who game on their system is considered to be a gamer,but that's neither here or there. The improve light mouse (the improve inertia,states the company) offers faster reaction times and comes fitted with a new 8200 DPI sensor. The mouse also have the ability to adjust its lift-off height calibration,giving users an added tune-up option. Gone and missing is the fame horizontal scroll wheel which lends to an added advantage in shooting games. Mad Catz have not offered any details on release date,though they stated that the mouse will be release to market in 2014.

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