PC Tools Tuesday Presents: Hard Disk Sentinel

File-It-Under: Tools of the system By: D.F.Skin  



In this installment of PC Tools Tuesday, I bring you Hard Disk Sentinel software. Its very cut and dry application in that it basically monitors the health of your storage devices,be it your main C drive are any added extra storage you have attached to your system. Though its a pretty basic application, the software interface is very detailed and exact.

When you first download and open the application,it will scan your system for any storage device on your computer,once that task is completed,it'll monitor you drives health and right away will inform you whether your hard drive is running at peaked condition or if your drive is faulty and not performing well. It also checks to see if there are any bad sectors on your hard drive,another added plus to Hard Disk Sentinel.

Like most of the application I've recommended on PC Tools Tuesday,Hard Disk Sentinel is a free app with an option to purchase the pro version to which you'll have to shell out some money.