CES Update 2014:Vizio Introduces Ultra HD TV $1,000 Starting Price

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I'm not going to lie to you,I tried very hard not to talk about anything that has to do with 4K pixel resolution coming out of CES,really I did. But it seems that's the dominate showing at the trade show so here goes. This I found rather interesting though as Vizio has entered the 4K TV market. As you well know,Vizio have a distinct reputation of selling high end TV's at a reasonable price point. The TV's that they have on display that's drawing interest are the 4K P-Series lineup which price point will start at $999,99 for the 50-inch model. The top-end 70-inch model will retail for $2,599.99,leave it up Vizio to push affordable 4K TV's on the market and you wonder why in my opinion they are one of the best companies around.

Even bigger news,Netflix announced it will have 4K content for each TV,Vizio will join the Netflix 4K crowd along with LG,Samsung, and Sony. I have no information on release dates,when I do get the info I will post it on one the social media platforms.