The RAVPower Luster Mini 3000mAh Lipstick Charger: The Review

File-It-Under: Reviewed tech By: D.F.Skin  


One of the first thing that jumps right out me with the RAVPower Luster Mini Lipstick charger is its portability and design. The charger literally can fit in your shirt pocket. Before we get into the initial review let me get this off my chest, not to long ago I purchased the NewTrent External charger I gave it a decent review but that was after 24 hours of usage.I always say to get a good gauge of a product or device,one must spend at least a couple weeks to a month with the device.After further review,the NewTrent external battery is trash,yes this is sort of a printed retraction.Probably the biggest flaw with external charger it is not huge in a sense,it is bulky and somewhat heavy,so heavy it actually weighs down my backpack.The NewTrent external charger isn't the most durable device around,I dropped the device and it nearly shattered to pieces. Then there's the price,$49.99 is way to much for a external battery that gives you sub par performance at best. So I needed to move on to a better external battery that was cheap in price yet effective in performance,in comes the RAVPower Luster Mini.


Aside from the simple yet sleek design and light weight stature,the RAVPower Luster Mini performs very well,in fact it charged my iPhone at a surprisingly rapid rate. I'm able to charge my iPhone on the go without the external battery putting added weight to my pockets.The added uniqueness of the RAVPower Luster Mini is it also doubles as a flashlight,no literally it really is a flashlight. Ultra bright Flashlight that features a High/Low/Strobe mode,with a 5V/1A output.


Far as the specs goes the RAVPower Luster Mini is pretty impressive starting with 3000mAh that features a LG Grade A cell and premium microchip that ensures high quality,it has an intelligent 4 LED status bar which indicates the current status of the battery itself. It inputs 5V 0.85A and outputs a USB DC 5V 1A, input charge time measures in at 4-5 hours through its USB cable or AC adapter which for some crazy reason its not included with this device. Included in the package is a Power Bank, 1 micro USB charging cable and of course the standard boring manual written in 1200 languages.


Oh yeah and about that price,the RAVPower Luster Mini Lipstick Charger retails for $19.99 on Amazon,this device is a definite buy if you're looking for something cheap,efficient and reliable.