Razer's Radical Thinking: Project Christine Modular PC

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As you well know I have tried my best to cover products of interest that came out of CES this last week. Though I wasn't present at the trade show,I feverishly scoured the Internet looking for hot products that created a buzz amongst the attendees at CES. Out of all the products displayed at CES that really peaked my interest was Razer's Project Christine Modular PC is probably the most interesting product I've seen come out of CES in years. Imagine that,a modular PC that will make it easy for the not so tech savvy computer user understand and upgrade hardware. First a brief history and info on who exactly is Razer,their a company who make some pretty sleek computer peripherals such as the gaming mouse,keyboards and gaming headsets. This is not the first time Razer has engaged in such an ambitious project,the are responsible for creating the worlds thinnest gaming laptop,the Razer Blade to which once upon a time was a ambitious project dubbed "Project Fiona".


Let's face it,most of your computer users aren't tech enthusiast,they just want to push the power button and hope all is well,when upgrading is needed,or a flawed hardware needs to be replaced, most must rely on an in-store technician like that of Best Buy or lean on a service tech geeks which usually resorts to shelling out cash. With Project Christine this dose away with the middle man (the tech geeks) and empowers users to upgrade their hardware on their own. With Project Christine,you no longer have to screw in parts onto a motherboard,or even resort to the difficult task of dealing with cable connection,people can actually build an entire PC by simply slotting parts.

The question I'm asking is this all beneficial? Most tech/hardware junkies like myself love the task and challenge of building PC's from scratch,its a sense of accomplishment knowing that we purchased the latest and greatest in hardware,putting it all together and making it all functional. To me Project Christine would take away the fun in upgrading and building PC's or will it,that remains to be seen.


The design of the Razer is pretty damn slick I must say,the entire PC resembles a robotic like spinal column with a all black matte color scheme.Razer didn't disclose any details on hardware but we do know that the PC's hardware is completely liquid cooled in mineral oil which runs down the vertical portion of the system. Most importantly there are no fans presents which lends itself to being a completely quiet system.

This is most certainly radical creation by Razer,an ambitious project that I hope takes off once the PC is released to market,I got a feeling it will do well with both system builders and non builders alike,stay tune.