PC Tools Tuesday Presents: MemTest86 and HMWMonitor (The Very Late Entry)

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Welcome back to PC Tools Tuesday the extended late edition,it's been awhile since I posted any free tools for your PC,in fact its been to long I must say. But to make up for this posts absence,I have two applications that I think is a must have for your system. These two tools in particular are hardware monitoring tools that a lot of hardware geeks like myself use to test hardware. The tools are MemTest86 and MwMonitor,lets go in depth shall we.



This application is probably one of the most popular hardware monitoring tools around,and that's Memtest86,which is a open source (Yes its free) memory test software.Its design to basically to run a stress test on any systems memory that falls under the x86 architecture. The application verifies if there's any errors in each of your memory cells.Now to download the application itself requires a bit of work,first go to the website and download the file,but wait,there's more to this.You don't download the file and store it in your folder or desktop,you have to create an ISO file, burn the file to either a disk or USB thumb drive Once your done burning it to disk,you have now created a boot disk. Boot the software to your system and from there the memory stress test will instantly begin.



HMWMonitor is a hardware monitoring application that reads the PC systems heath sensors such as the voltage, temperature, fans speed. The application handles the most common sensor chips such as ITE IT87 series, and most Winbond ICs and host of others. It also can read most of today's CPU's on-die thermal sensors and it even reads the hard drives temperature and video card GPU. You pretty much can download this software from any site,just type in the applications name in Google or Bing search.Whatever you do,stay away from CNET's download site.