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The AMD-Kaveri-A8-7600-APU: (Briefly) What You Need To Know

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Other than its graphic cards it's been awhile since we seen any other piece of hardware generate so much buzz. The AMD Kaveri A8-7600 APU has most certainly generated a lot of buzz since its release to the public last week. So what do we know about this APU? Lets go in depth and detail its features and specs in a brief format.


The core technology on the Kaveri A8-7600 APU is its Streamroller CPU micro-architecture that combines a GCN-based graphic engine that has up to 512 stream processors.Depending on the model version which in this case we are focusing on the desktop version, the graphic clock maxes out at 720Mhz, AMD's, the APU  carries 45-95 of wattage power. The Streamroller part of the processor has up to 4-cores and supports the latest ISA (Instruction set architecture) instructions which includes FMA4/3, AVX, AES,XOP*.


It has up to 2MB L2 cache per dual-core module which totals out to be 4MB. The GPU portion of Kaveri A8-7600 APU has up to 8 GCN based cores, 512 shaders, up to 750MHz, DirectX support and the latest Eyefinity technology with added 4K support. Another impressive feature within AMD's Kaveri is its TrueAudio technology which consist of a dedicated DSP support for true-life audio. In terms of the Kaveri's structure,it comprised of approximately 2.41 billion transistors with a die size that measures 245mm,a large percentage of the processors die is dedicated to its graphics.

In terms of price,the AMD A8-7600 will come in at a $119 price point,and is expected to hit the market sometime in mid 2014.

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