PC Tools Tuesday Presents: SlimDrivers

File-It-Under: Tools for your system By: D.F.Skin  



Welcome back to PC Tools Tuesday where each week I bring you free apps that can extend the life of your computer in particularly Windows based machines. Today I bring you a free app that I kind of stumble upon by accident,and that's SlimDrivers, an basic app that install or update hardware drivers on your computer.I stumbled upon this app trying to search for drivers for a laptop that I was fixing,talk about your good fortune.

Before I give you my opinion on SlimDrivers lets talk about the basic operation of the app,yes its very basic in that all it does is scans your systems hardware to see it there's any missing hardware drivers,and or if the hardware drivers needs updating. The scanning process is very rapid and most importantly it is not a system resource hog. Now as far as my opinion on the app,SlimDrivers is adequate at best,I wouldn't necessarily call it a must have because there are dozens of apps you can find on the web that does the same thing.The end result is it does find drivers that fit your system and does a pretty decent job installing apps onto your machine.

The app itself is free though there is the proverbial of you want the full feature version you have to shell out some cash. Also when you do a search and find this app try your best to stay away from CNET's download site as it is loaded with all types of malware and hidden bugs.